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2/5/08: Five O'clock Software releases Power To-Do List
Work begins on Custody Toolbox 3.

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Handy Free Clock Screenshots

Click on an image to see it full size.  Note: Clicking an image will cause the full sized image to open up in a new window.

hfc_ss_clock.gif (7401 bytes)

Handy Free Clock showing the date and time.

hfc_ss_alarms.gif (8272 bytes)

Handy Free Clock's Alarms feature lets you set alarms for any time in the future.  You can customize the sounds that play too!

hfc_ss_setalarm.gif (7349 bytes)

...setting an alarm to pick Billy up from soccer practice on Monday.

hfc_ss_stopwatch.gif (7378 bytes)

Here's the stopwatch tool.

hfc_ss_eggtimer.gif (8296 bytes)

To set the egg timer, just choose how many hours, minutes, and seconds you want it to count down from and click on "Start."


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